TLMW newswire service is a dedicated news distribution service for those wishing to send press releases to the trade, technical and national press within the maritime, freight, distribution, supply chain and materials handling sectors. Our database contains thousands of editorial contacts, searchable by industry, location, media type and media outlet including key bloggers.

 There is no long-term contract. This is a totally pay as you go service, but with the added benefit of discounted prices for a commitment to distribute three or six releases in a 12 month period.

 When it comes to distributing your news, we’ve made it easy for you to target your key audiences by geography or sector/s. Our database for air, haulage, freight, logistics, maritime, materials handling, ports, warehousing, supply chain, both printed and online plus key bloggers.

 Geography splits are Europe, North America, Asia including China and Worldwide.

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Other services we can provide are:

Features planning – bespoke forward features plan


Video press releases

PR support

Media management

Media training

Exhibition design and management, PR support

Marketing – design and production including writing

Publications – design, writing and publication

Social Media – planning and implementation

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Latest News on TLMWnewswire

2014/09/08 - All wired up to keep automotive plants running

The chance of unplanned downtime and accidents has been cut with advanced diagnostics from SCX

The threat of accidents and unplanned downtime in automotive plants has been greatly reduced by new wire rope scanning technology.

Before now, there was no way to see inside a crane’s wire ropes, other than cutting through and therefore permanently destroying them – which clearly is [ More ].

2014/08/27 - Further Steps Towards Community Director Appointment

In accordance with the published timetable, the panel met at the Port of Dover on 26 August to review what were acknowledged by all present to be 27 high quality applications for the recently advertised non-executive Community Director role on the Dover Harbour Board.

Chief Executive of the Port of Dover, Tim Waggott said:

“It is very encouraging that we received such [ More ].

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